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Behind-the-Scenes at the AZ Awards Gala

Azure magazine has published a special behind-the-scenes article featuring the creative partners that helped to make the AZ Awards Gala a massive success.  Chandeliers made from upcycled plastic bottles, an elaborate paper installation and sleek steel trophies designed by Philippe Malouin upped the wow factor at the 2017 AZ Awards Gala on June 23.

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Photo courtesy of Mauricio Calero.


The chandeliers, by Eric Charron
Toronto architect Eric Charron reworks recycled plastic bottles into striking light fixtures, furniture and artworks. Since 2012, he has successfully diverted over 2000 plastic bottles from landfill to live-on in new, useful art forms.

After discovering his works at a local art exhibition (Place and Placement at Galleria Mall), Azure asked Charron to create custom chandeliers for the 2017 gala. He came back with seven sculptural fixtures – four that measured nearly a metre in diameter and three smaller iterations – made from bottles, wire armature and reused packing foam, and lit with LED bulbs. The lights were suspended over party-goers in the Brick Works’ CRH Gallery.

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