Bottom’s-up Chandelier


2' wide x 8' long


Clear upcycled PET plastic bottles


$4000.00 - $8000.00 CAD as per size

Bottom's-up Chandelier is a mesmerizing upcycled work that creates an immediate anchor to any space.  It is made entirely with the bottoms of reclaimed clear plastic bottles and suspended from a metal frame.   The bottles are stuffed with reused packing foam, which diffuses the LED light source that can be remote controled to create a variety of colours and effects.


The hanging petals create a dynamic element that move with passing breezes, animating light and reflections.  When not lit from the LED light above, bottoms-up chandelier shimmers with glass-like quality, offering different perspectives and visual effects when viewed from any angle.   



"I'd like to propose a toast, 


To all the chandeliers that were static in their stature, too heavy to move or dance, unable to take on a multitude of colours or amorphous dynamics and form......aren't they a laugh.


Instead, to the chandeliers that provide delight, ever-changing angles, a uniqueness of form in which no two are exactly alike, an ability that when kissed by the wind, kisses back...............I say, Bottom's-up, chandelier".