Tea Light Tins


4" Diameter tins

3" Diameter tins

2 1/2" Diameter tins


upcycled tin cans


Small tins:  $10.00 CAD

Large tins:  $20.00 CAD

X-Large tins:  $25.00 CAD

Tea Light Tins (TLTs)  are candle holders that use reclaimed tin cans.  Using a paint finish, or their raw patina, each can is hand-crafted using original design templates.  Custom made patterns can be created as gifts, used as table lamps in bars and restaurants or as decorations in the home.

We use a range of tin sizes from 2 1/2" to x-large 6" diameter cans.  If you have a special design request, just send us the template, and we'll bang it out for you.