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upcycledXD » Toronto Star Article features Place and Placement Exhibit

Toronto Star Article features Place and Placement Exhibit

Published May 29th, the Toronto Star featured a story about the Re-imagine Galleria’s exhibition Place and Placement.

Organized by Dyan Marie and Darren Leu of urban arts group “How we live in cities”, the article highlights provocative ideas of creating small spot gardens to connect existing neighborhood parks and residential gardens to the future redevelopment of the Galleria Mall site at Dufferin and Dupont Street in Toronto.  The exhibit offers large scale artwork by David Acheson, smaller sculptures by Ed Burtynsky and John Dickson among others, to workshops that encourage locals to produce their own spot gardens and seed bombs and hope that the idea thrives and spreads throughout the area both before and after the new community at the mall site emerges.

Follow the link to read the full article at:

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