Holiday Preserves

Seasonal November 08, 2015

Diameter: 4"

Height: 6" - 8"

Colours / Materials

Repurposed clear glass mason / grocery jars

Various "misfit" toy display fills


Standard Size: $20.00

Oversized or Custom: $35.00

Holiday preserves were developed to bottle and retain the memories and love of the holiday season from one year to the next. Using reclaimed clear glass grocery or mason jars, the contents can be arranged to accommodate particular holiday traditions and decorations.  Various discarded post-holiday "misfit" toys have been saved, from mini Nutcrackers and display village accessories, to build warmly-lit dioramas that are AA battery operated (use rechargeables please!!)

Custom scenes can be requested and lovingly assembled to your taste and holiday enjoyment - Mele Kalikimaka anyone?

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!