BIG on Bloor Festival


                              How we Live in Cities at Big on Bloor Festival Over the weekend of July 22 – 23, the Bloor Street Business Improvement Area hosted a two day street festival of arts and culture from Dufferin Street to Lansdowne ave in Toronto.  Dyan Marie from “How we Live in Cities” coordinated a series of art and garden workshops that got the public involved in place making and garden creating at home by distributing “Spot gardens” which members of the public would plant in their yards.                                       Eric Anthony Charron brought BIG lights and Wind catchers to the festival and helped interested upcyclers create their own garden solar lamps out of reclaimed plastic bottles, and multi-coloured wind catchers from the off-cut pieces.  Bees and other pollinators are attracted to intense and deep colours of blue, green and purple.  By teaching how to create solar bottle bubbles for gardens and encouraging their placement in yards and gardens, they will act as targets to pollinator species that will be attracted […]